Ms. Mirriam Tina


Innovating for Resilient Infrastructure, what’s Infrastructure Vulnerability to you


I am a 27 year old female Kenyan citizen. I have an academic background in Environmental Sciences and I work for the United Nations office for Disaster Risk Reduction as a UN Volunteer. I joined the United Nations Disasters Secretariat in March 2021 as a result of my passion for an environment which is in harmony with itself and with human beings. I have had the opportunity to acknowledge and contribute to the processes being made to reduce disaster risks and losses in lives and livelihoods in line with the Sendai Framework for Disasters Risk Reduction 2015-2030. Outside work, I love nature walks and landscape photography. My participation in the youth competition on Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure was inspired by target f of the Sendai Framework on substantially enhancing international cooperation to developing countries through adequate and sustainable support to complement their national actions.