Youth For Resilient Infrastructure (Y4RI)

Youth represent an important and dynamic segment of the population in every country. The agility, creativity and persistence that is characteristic of the youth, make them the most promising changemakers of the future.

The Y4RI programme is born out of the necessity to invest in the young people for a better future. Participation of young people ensures the balance between the need to invest in them and their participation in policymaking, planning and implementation. For long, science and technology have been easily accessible to the young people of the developed economies, the Coalition recognizes the urgency to democratize science, technology, innovation and knowledge to every individual and therefore, introduced the youth-centric programme.


CDRI recognizes that infrastructure systems are key drivers of economic growth. Young people globally are poised to drive infrastructure investments as future innovators, practitioners, academicians, leaders, and policymakers. Involvement of youth in creating resilient infrastructure is thus an essential part in creating a safe and sustainable environment for future generations.

CDRI understands that youth engagement is crucial for mobilizing narrative and inducing transformative change on climate action for positive social and economic development.

In view of the preparatory ministerial meeting (Pre-COP) and "Youth4Climate2021: Driving Ambition”, the international event dedicated to young people for COP 26, CDRI has announced the “IDRI with Global Youth” campaign from 5 August 2021 till 27 September 2021. Realizing the unique potential of youth leadership in driving change for a resilient world, the campaign will focus on garnering youth awareness and engagement for disaster and climate resilient infrastructure.