Buoyant on the Bog is an attempt to celebrate sustainable wildlife tourism. The infrastructure can be built in wetlands emulating the varied geology of the region along with birdwatching and observation routes. The richness of wildlife can be genuinely experienced only in the wetlands. The trail consists of different viewpoints as floating observation units. With the increase in water level in the lagoons/wetlands, these floating units rise accordingly, avoiding their submergence during floods or high water levels. Utilizing the concept of buoyancy, the observation units are provided with buoyant air-filled bags at the bottom, which help them rise. The floating observation units increase proximity to nature along with a fluid viewing experience. Floating observation units can promote wildlife tourism, leading to economic growth. Besides, the infrastructure is also resilient to high water levels or flood situations in lagoons, making it sustainable. Therefore, Buoyant on the Bog fulfills the dual purpose of growth and sustainability.