The comic strip is a story narrated by the Earth, where the earth showcase its journey with describing the beauty through forests, mountains and the oceans. But soon the changes start happening as people take the resource for granted and become ignorant towards keeping their environment clean. Woodcutters aimlessly started cutting forests, industrial waste polluted the water, air pollution increased immensely. Ultimately, disasters started taking place. Earth saw the worst hit in the past few years from landslides, floods, forest fires, volcano eruptions, melting glaciers, tornadoes to earthquake and even coronavirus which was extremely disheartening for the earth. But as they say, every problem has a solution! Earth gets very happy when Disaster Warriors come into picture and save the earth from hitting the worst. The Disaster Warriors started alone by being the change they wanted to see in the world. They implemented many disaster prevention measures, starting from planting trees, then creating river embankments, lightning rod, constructing safe buildings to minimize the catastrophic effects of disasters.Also, giving disaster trainings, bringing advanced technologies to place, providing with the COVID-19 measures and most importantly spreading awareness to the community people. All of this brings a smile to Earth’s face because now the earth can see the change and is hopeful about the future.