Prison is one of the institutions in society that often does not get the attention of the government and the community, especially in disaster risk management DRM in Indonesia. In terms of infrastructure, including physical, non-physical and soft infrastructure, prisons in Indonesia have not implemented DRM. Whereas in many cases of disasters that have occurred in Indonesia, prisons find it difficult to carry out disaster risk management which causes riots in prisons, non-fulfillment of basic life rights, release or escape of prisoners from prison, and even death. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights has published The Guidelines for Disaster Management at the Correction Institutional in December 2019 but these guidelines have not been implemented optimally since they were published. One of them was in a prison in Tangerang, Banten which caught fire and resulted in the death of 45 prisoners. The chronology of the incident of saving prisoners and extinguishing the fire is still far from the Standard of Procedures that have been made. If the prison infrastructure is not prepared to deal with disasters, of course this will be the cause of other disasters, including social disasters. In addition, the unplanned infrastructure of prisons can lead to an unnecessary “Death Penalty” for prisoners.