International Competition for Imagining Disaster
Resilient Infrastructure

Competition Theme

Entries for the competition can be aligned to any one of the following themes in addition to your understanding of Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.

How to Participate


The competition is open to youth from any country with age between 15 to 32.

Submission Format

The format for submission can include:
  • Photographs (Format: .jpeg / .jpg / .png, Maximum Size: 5 MB)
  • Thought Piece (Word limit – 1000 words; Format: .pdf, Maximum Size: 5MB)
  • Poems (Format: .pdf, Maximum Size: 5 MB)
  • Doodles/ sketches/ comics (Format: .jpeg / .jpg / .png, Maximum Size: 5 MB)
  • Posters (Format: .jpeg / .jpg / .png, Maximum Size: 5 MB)
  • Animations / Short videos (Format: .mp4, Maximum Size: 100 MB)


  • Language of communication must be English.
  • Individuals can make multiple submissions.
  • The submissions are strictly meant to be an original work of authors. Plagiarized entries will not be considered.
  • The submission must have a narrative of maximum 200 words relevant to the chosen theme.

Judging Criteria

  • Originality and novelty of ideas presented
  • Clarity and creativity
  • Relevance with the chosen theme